pMHC Antibody Discovery

All of the advantages of human monoclonal antibodies with the ability to target intracellular proteins enabled by our revolutionary technology platform, Retained DisplayTM (ReD).

ReD: Targeting Intracellular Proteins

Existing antibody-based therapies such as bispecific antibodies and CAR-T cells target proteins expressed on the cell surface. Myrio’s ReD platform is enabling antibody-based therapeutics to be developed against a much broader range of targets including those that are expressed intracellularly. While antibodies cannot access the interior of the cell, Myrio’s scFvs can target the same antigen presentation pathway used by T-cells, where fragments of intracellular proteins are presented on the cell surface. Myrio’s scFvs will dramatically increase the approaches to treating solid tumors, persistent viral infections, and certain autoimmune diseases.

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