Affinity has discovered a potential therapy for COVID-19.

How it works

Affinity’s antibodies bind onto the spike protein, preventing it from binding to and infecting human cells.


SARS-CoV-2 is the virus responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic.

The spike protein

The SARS-CoV-2 spike protein is responsible for uptake into human cells.

Neutralizing the virus

Affinity's antibodies neutralize the virus by blocking the spike protein

This may have a profound effect on this pandemic by preventing the virus from gaining a foothold in healthy people exposed to the virus, such as healthcare workers and the close associates of those infected.  These antibodies may also be useful in dampening the progress of the virus in an infected person by blocking its ability to infect new cells and replicate.

Rapid antibody discovery

Affinity’s discovery of novel human antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 showcases the ultra-fast speed and exactitude of our ReD platform to discover high-affinity novel antibodies against difficult targets.

11 March
Screening commences
5 April
Neutralizing scFvs identified
19 April
Lead candidates identified
21 April
Diabodies constructed
29 April
Live virus neutralization testing
12 May
Neutralization testing successfully completed
15 June
Binders submitted to CoVIC program at La Jolla Institute
25 July
Cross-reactivity testing begins at Retrogenix
14 August
Ceased development

Affinity was collaborating with a number of internationally renowned academics and institutes in order to move this program forward as rapidly as possible.

Why it may be the most effective COVID-19 treatment

Low cost manufacturing

The ReD process selects for high-expression clones in industry workhorse: E. coli. As such, all ReD antibodies can be produced at low cost on nation-scale quantities to meet the demands of the current pandemic.

High affinity antibodies

The ReD process selects for antibodies of high affinity. We predict this will minimize the required dose for prophylaxis.

Our anti-COVID-19 antibodies have very low pM affinities – driven by extremely slow off-rates.

Technical information, including Kinetics Data.


Click here for kinetics summary

Passive immunity

Affinity's antibodies simply block the virus from binding to and infecting human cells.  Our antibodies are not pro-inflammatory, whereas inflammation caused by an ‘active’ immune response is one of the key health risks in infected patients.

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Next steps

Affinity will now pursue the shortest pathway to worldwide release of a therapy by seeking:

  • scaling up and manufacturing material for studies;
  • safety and efficacy testing;
  • identification of expedited development paths with regulatory agencies such as the FDA, EMA, and TGA;
  • discussions with industry partners for accelerated development and commercial distribution.

Partner with us on COVID-19

If your business is interested in exploring participation with Affinity’s COVID-19 therapy, please contact us.

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Cessation of Affinity’s COVID-19 therapeutic program

In the early days of the pandemic we had an obligation to do what we could. However, with the passage of time, it became clear that multiple international players were successfully developing products. While we are very proud of our team, their hard work and the quality antibodies they have generated, we decided to cease development due to the evolving competitive landscape. We wish everyone working on diagnostics, treatments, preventive measures and in healthcare every success in bringing COVID-19 under control as quickly as possible.

Affinity is happy to make our COVID-19 therapeutic antibodies available for research purposes.